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Haunted Houses of America. Part 2

So here is part 2 of my American obsession & these haunted are just as spooky, if not more. This house was built in 1892 & was formerly the home of William Kehoe & his family. Later it became a school, a funeral home, & today it is used as  historic inn. But the Kehoe… Continue reading Haunted Houses of America. Part 2

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Haunted buildings of Britain. Part 1.

In order to counter balance with the ‘Haunted Houses of America’, I thought I would share with you just a few of the UK’s most haunted buildings.


Dyslexia Awareness

I know that Dyslexia has nothing to do with what I write about in my blog, but I wanted to make my readers aware of something that affects me everyday. It’s not  an illness & it certainly doesn’t make me uninteligent, I Mean i’m a mental health nursing assistant training to be a practitioner assistant.… Continue reading Dyslexia Awareness

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Haunted Houses of America. Part One

We all love a good spooky ghost story from anywhere around the globe, the more lurid the better. But these are no ordinary ghost stories.

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The Haunted Hotel Del Salto

  I have to admit, I was a little disappointed at the lack of documented reports about haunting in this eerie looking, but once beautiful Hotel Del Salto at Tequendama Falls, Colombia. It was integrated on the cliff facing the Tequendama Falls & is one of Bogola’s most popular tourist attractions with its legendary stories… Continue reading The Haunted Hotel Del Salto

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I’m scary Mary & I live in Narnia

If you could visit a fictional world from a book or a film, where would you go? Narnia You have to change your first name, what will you call yourself?              Scary Mary There’s a knock at the door, your heart skips a beat and your stomach is all a… Continue reading I’m scary Mary & I live in Narnia

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The Mandy Doll

We have all heard stories of cursed, possessed dolls, & usually perceived as evil. But there is one possessed doll that I would love to take into my own home.