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The Curse of Anne Mitchell.

During the Civil war, the state of Kentucky became a place of great tragedy, from the many deaths caused through battle, imprisonment, & disaster, to the heartaches of lost loves.  One story of love loss tells the tale of one woman & a curse whispered from her lips that came to pass. Anne Mitchell was… Continue reading The Curse of Anne Mitchell.

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Ghost Photos

I am sure you have all noticed I love a good ghost story or two, I also love any evidence attached to it, & as I have mentioned before, the science behind it. If you show me photographic evidence, I’m intrigued, but I can not verify whether or not the photos have been tampered with, remembering… Continue reading Ghost Photos


The Curse of The Crying Boy Painting

I have always had an interest in the curse of the crying boy painting. Maybe because it has affected members of my family many years ago. Around 1985, reports of numerous house fires caught the public eye. What made this a curious & mysterious case was all of the houses & contents of the houses… Continue reading The Curse of The Crying Boy Painting

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Haunted objects caught on camera

For centuries, there have been reports of possessed people, cursed or haunted houses, which I have covered a lot of in my stories. I have also wrote about cursed dolls, but I am now going to tell you about some famous haunted, cursed, & possessed objects with some real documented video footage & photographs. The… Continue reading Haunted objects caught on camera

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The unexplainable death of Elisa Lam

Here is a mysterious story for you, Elisa Lam. She was found dead after drowning in a tank, shortly after being filmed talking to an invisible person in the hotel elevator. The 21 year old student was staying at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles in January 2013. It is a budget hotel with 600… Continue reading The unexplainable death of Elisa Lam

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The exorcism of Anneliese Michel

In past posts, I have mentioned films that are based on real stories, such as Annabelle, & The Possession (The Dybbuk Box). What many people don’t know, the film, “The exorcism of Mary Rose”, was also based on a real story. Except Mary Rose was a fictitious name, the real girl in need of an… Continue reading The exorcism of Anneliese Michel