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Haunted objects caught on camera

haunted objects

For centuries, there have been reports of possessed people, cursed or haunted houses, which I have covered a lot of in my stories. I have also wrote about cursed dolls, but I am now going to tell you about some famous haunted, cursed, & possessed objects with some real documented video footage & photographs.

The Anguished Man:

haunted objects1.jpg

This picture was reputedly painted in a man’s blood, mixed with oil paint, just before he committed suicide. It is responsible for many paranormal occurrences in the owner’s home. Sean Robinson, from Cumbria, U.K, was left the painting by his grandmother after she passed away. When he was a boy, he felt drawn to the picture, which was hidden under curtains at his grandmother’s house. He would sit for some time just staring at the painting. When he brought the painting home, & after many arguments with his wife, he decided to hang the picture up on the wall.  This was a big mistake, because once the painting was put up, the paranormal activity began.  Doors would begin to crack in the middle of the night, & phantom screams were heard. His whole family began to experience terrifying nightmares & would wake them up night after night. Sean finally realised that all this began when he brought the painting home & decided to investigate. Sean has now removed the painting & placed it in the basement of his house. Here is the link to the phenomena he captured.

The anguished man EVP

the anguished man activity

The haunted Puppet:

haunted objects2.jpg

This puppet was filmed moving on it’s own in a glass case by paranormal investigator, Jane Harris. It was given to her to investigate by it’s former owner, John. John inherited the puppet in the 1960’s after his father passed away & says he experienced some minor haunting experiences two weeks later. He began experiencing headaches & dizziness, but never really thought it was down to the puppet. But one evening, things took a sinister turn when he spent the day clearing his father’s belongings, except for the puppet. That night he kept the puppet in his room on his bedside table, he took himself off to bed & thought nothing more of it. He woke suddenly in the night feeling like he was being choked by the spirit possessing the puppet. He was wide awake at this point & thought he saw a shadow move from one side of the window to the other. He felt his throat being squeezed tighter &, in a state of panic, he tried to wake his wife. After that incident, he decided to contact Jane from Stourbridge, West Midlands, U.K, who decided to investigate the puppet for 3 months. She placed the object in a glass cabinet with no doors, & blessed with holy water. Watch the video for yourself. Here is the link. The puppet moving.

The little Bastard-James Dean’ car:

haunted objects3

When you think of a Porsche 550 Spyder, you probably think of James Dean’s car, Little Bastard. But you may not want to think about it if you value your life. This car became more infamous after killing James Dean in 1955. He was filming Rebel without a cause at that time & decided to upgrade his 356 to the 550 Spyder & wanted to make the car more unique. With the help of George Barris, they installed tartan seats, two red stripes over the back wheels, & painted the number 130 on the doors, hood & engine cover. The name Little Bastard came from Dean’s language coach, Bill Hickman, & was later painted on by Dean Jefferies. Dean met actor Alec Guinness, known as obi-one kenobi, who told Dean the car had a sinister look & advised him not to drive the car, if he did, he would be dead by next week. Within a week of this warning, Dean was killed in his beloved car.

haunted objects4

But James Dean is not the only one to have been killed in the little bastard, it has killed & maimed others who have come into contact with it. The first was George Barris,who originally customised the car. He bought the wreckage of the Little Bastard for $2500. Soon after he bought the car, he slipped off its trailer & broke a mechanics leg. Not long after this, he sold the engine & drivetrain to Troy McHenry & William Eschrid. They were both racing car drivers & were racing each other with the parts of the little bastard. But McHenry lost control of the car & smashed into a tree, instantly killing him, whilst Eschrid was seriously hurt when his car locked up & rolled over whilst on a bend.

Barris still owned two tires from the Little Bastard which were untouched in Dean’s accident. He sold them & soon after, both the tires blew causing the owner’s car to run off the road. Barris kept the car in his possession which caught the eye of two thieves, one had his arm torn off when trying to take the steering wheel, & the other was injured when trying to steal the seats.

Barris decided to hide the car but was persuaded by the California Highway Patrol to lend the car to a highway safety exhibit. This was unsuccessful as the garage soon went up in flames. What was so unexplainable was the car was hardly touched from the fire, The next exhibition was just as unsuccessful as the car fell off its display & broke a students hip.

It did not end there. The Little Bastard was being transported when the driver lost control of the truck, which caused the driver to fall out & was crushed by the car. This happened two more times whilst transporting the Little Bastard but no-one was hurt. The CHP decided to take the car back to Barris after all the events that had happened, but the car mysteriously vanished & has not been seen since.


15 thoughts on “Haunted objects caught on camera

  1. Interesting. I started to watch the clips of the painting but it made me feel really uncomfortable before they even started. The painting is really disturbing.

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  2. Fascinating stories! I especially enjoyed reading the history of James Dean’s car which was previously unknown to me. What’s the story behind the circle in the photo? It looks like James Dean however I thought James was killed instantly?

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  3. i would love to have the Anguished Man painting! i just really like it and i’m not too certain about all the paranormal type stuff. it’s very fascinating.
    Jo i really like this site and i’m glad i found you.

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