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The Legend of Spring-heeled Jack

  We tend to think of the Victorian Era as an age of science & reason, however, there is another side to the Victorian’s unlike our own. An age that believed in phrenology, fairies, ghosts, galvanism, photographs, seances……..& the legend of Spring-heeled Jack. This is one of the most perplexing paranormal entities to have confused… Continue reading The Legend of Spring-heeled Jack

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Haunted & Cursed Objects

A haunting occurs when the spirit refuses to move on after death, instead choosing to dwell amongst the living. When we think of a haunting, the first thing that comes to mind is a haunted building, but a spirit or demon can attach themselves to an object such as jewellery or a painting. I have… Continue reading Haunted & Cursed Objects

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Kuchisaki Onna

  In one of my past posts, “The Origin Of Bloody Mary”, I loosely mentioned Kuchisake Onna. Now I’m going to tell you about the Japanese legend. Kuchisake Onna is also known as The Slit Mouthed Woman. The legend tells the story of a disfigured woman who carries a pair of large scissors & walks… Continue reading Kuchisaki Onna

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Toyols: Malaysia and Indonesia

A Toyol is a mythical creature from Malaysian & Indonesian folklore. It is believed to be a mischievous spirit of a foetus, brought back to life by a Bomoh (Malaysian Shaman), or someone who is familiar with black magic. They do this by digging up the remains of a dead baby & using black magic… Continue reading Toyols: Malaysia and Indonesia

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Monte Cristo Homestead, Australia.

This beautiful Victorian building was built by Australian pioneer, Christopher William Crawley in 1885 & is located in the town of Junee in New South Wales in Australia. Although the house looks like a comfortable family home in the daylight, the night tells a different story as it is believed to be the most haunted… Continue reading Monte Cristo Homestead, Australia.

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What has happened? Where am I? Why am I here? I am filled with dread, and intense fear. All alone in the cold, dreary dark space, Seemingly moving at a snails pace. I feel so scared, What’s happening here? I slowly wipe away a tear. My family have left me all alone, No one to… Continue reading Alone!!!

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The Origins of Bloody Mary.

  We have all heard of the legend or myth of Bloody Mary & the game that accompanies it. The game where you stand in the bathroom in front of a mirror, with a lit candle & chant Bloody Mary three times. In case you don’t know, chanting her name three times supposedly summons her… Continue reading The Origins of Bloody Mary.