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The Headless Nun


Old ghost stories of nuns were one of the main centre points in the 19th century. You will find records of ghostly nuns told by the locals of any small village that was around at the turn of the 20th century. And it’s little surprise, given the important role nuns play in so many communities. But Of all the legends around today,there are none quite as chilling as the legend of The Headless Nun.

It all started in the mid 1800’s during the struggle between the Acadians and the British. In Northumberland County, New Brunswick, Canada, a French Fort was constructed at a cove located in a place known today as French Fort Cove. Acadians were transported here to fend off the British.  Among these Acadians was a nun known as Sister Marie, last name unknown, although some people believe her to be Sister Marie Inconnue.

Sister Marie was born and raised in France and requested her superiors send her to Canada so she can help the Acadians. She was a devoted nun and always wanted the best for her community by taking care of the ill and despaired, which makes her death even more tragic. Sister Marie was in care of a fund that was set up to assist the needs of the families. It is said that she buried the money for safekeeping.

She returned late one night, after assisting a very ill person, and was attacked by an unknown person/persons demanding that she reveal the location of the buried money. She refused to divulge the information and as a result, she was beaten and decapitated. Her head was never found. Sister Marie’s body was returned to France but her spirit remained, unable to rest until her head was buried with her body.


While they cannot say for sure if it is the ghost of the headless nun haunting the area, there is some form of presence scaring the locals. People have reported a powerful feeling of being watched and studied, by an unseen force, on the bridge she is said to haunt. Ghostly voices have been heard in the wind and an uncomfortable feeling of being followed and stalked in the woods past the bridge, where it is believed Sister Marie was killed. Visitors to the area have claimed they were approached by Sister Marie’s spirit late at night, asking them to help find her head. Others believe she has found her head and carries it in her arm asking them to bury her head with her body. The presence is very active both day and night but becomes stronger upon sunset.


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