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La Sayona

La Sayona

In a small town in the plains of Venezuela, lived a beautiful young woman named Melissa. Her husband was a handsome, caring and loving man, and they had a beautiful baby boy together. One day, Melissa was swimming naked in a near-by river, when a man from the village saw her. The man began stalking her and followed her everywhere she went, even watching her every time she bathed in the river. Melissa asked the stranger to leave her alone and go away, but he ignored her request. He just simply told Melissa he was there to warn her. He told her that her husband was having an affair with her mother. Melissa immediately ran home and found her husband asleep with the baby in his arms. Blind with anger and rage, she burned down the house with them still inside. Their screams could be heard from beyond the village. Meanwhile, Melissa ran to her mother’s house where she found her mother on the patio. Melissa began to attack her mother with a machete, striking her over and over in the stomach. As her mother lay bleeding to death, she cursed Melissa by saying from that day forth, she would have to avenge all women by killing their unfaithful husbands,  transforming her into “La Sayona”.

La Sayona are evil spirits that prey on unfaithful men. She will appear as a beautiful, seductive and desirable woman who tempts married men, often getting them to follow her into the forest. Once alone, La Sayona transforms into her true form of a rotting corpse or skeleton, and mutilates her victims. In modern times, La Sayona will appear as a hitch-hiker or a woman in need of a ride. The concerned men who stop to help her are in-fact her next victims. La Sayona may portray a smoker and may ask her victim for a cigarette. However, it is said that if you carry tobacco in you pocket, it will also protect you from La Sayona, or maybe you should just stay true to your partner, or you could meet with a painful death!!!!


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