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Paranormal Stories

paranormal stories

Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, ghostly stories can still be chilling. I have put together a compilation of stories sure enough to send a chill up your spine.

paranormal stories 1
1) The Shadow Poltergeist.

Over the span of two years, a teenager from Australia experienced poltergeist activity whilst living with her father. Her mother had a strong psychic ability and would always protect her home from other worldly things, so the teenager could also have the same ability. Her parents were going through a divorce at this time and she decided to go and live with her father, although she felt extremely angry at the situation. One day, she began to sense a presence and saw a ghostly shadow in their home. It would always make itself known to the girl when she was home alone. It would make noises, cause things to fall over, and turn the TV to white snow. Somehow the girl knew it was feeding off her anger, so she learned to ignore it,otherwise it would become more powerful and maybe hurt someone. She eventually moved out of the house and has not seen the poltergeist since.

paranormal stories 2
2) The Suicide Forest.

If you didn’t know your way around the dense vegetation of the Aokigahara Forest, at the base of Mount Fuji, the chances are you would get lost. In 1960, a novel, by Matsumoto Seicho, was released, about two lovers who commit suicide in the forest. After the books release, the suicide rate increased from fifty to one hundred per year. At any given time, while walking through the forest, you would see at least one body of a suicide victim. Due to the density of the vegetation, the police patrol are only able to search the forest once a year, and the Yakuza pay the homeless to rob the bodies. It is widely believed that the forest is haunted and the ghosts that populate this forest encourage visitors to kill themselves.

paranormal stories 3
3) Neb-Senu

The Manchester Museum in England has housed the Neb-Senu in a glass case since 1933. It is a small statue from ancient Egypt and is inscribed with prayers for the dead. The case is kept locked and only authorised museum curators have access to the case and the statue. Not to long ago, a member of staff found that the statue had changed position inside the case. No-one had moved it and nothing else in the case had moved. It is said that the statue moves around in a perfect circle, it never wobbles of to the side or anywhere near the other artefacts. People believe that the statue is inscribed to a particular person and that person is haunting the statue.

paranormal stories 4
4) Zona Shue.

Zona Shue, also known as the Greenbrier Ghost, was a woman who suddenly died in 1897 in Greenbrier, West Virginia. After her burial, her ghost appeared to her mother on several occasions revealing to her the details of her grisly death and how her husband, of three months, did the dirty deed. Zona’s mother went straight to the police with the information, but they did not believe her story straight away. Zona’s mother kept on telling the authorities and eventually they decided to exhume the body. When the body was examined, they discovered that bruises were all over her body and her neck had been broken. Her husband, Erasmus, was arrested and ultimately convicted of his wife’s murder.

paranormal stories 5
5) Kate Morgan.

Kate Morgan was a con artist along with her husband Tom. They would ride the trains and swindle any man who found her attractive. In 1892, Kate discovered she was pregnant and wanted to settle down. She and Tom had an argument about this so Kate went to San Diego without him, though he was supposed to join her there. Kate was staying at the Hotel del Coronado when she was found dead of a gunshot wound to the head, with a gun in her hand. However, the bullet did not match the gun, and it was believed that Tom had murdered her. It is also believed that Kate now haunts the hotel, not only where she was found dead but other rooms as well. There are many reports of ghostly whispers in the rooms and hallways, and the light over the staircase where Kate’s body was found stays lit. There have also been reports of Kate’s image appearing on the television screen in the room where she had stayed. Another strange aspect of this tale is that of a maid who had befriended Kate during her stay. She reputedly disappeared the day after Kate’s death, and it is believed she also haunts the hotel

paranormal stories 6
6) Chloe at the Myrtles Plantation.

The Myrtles Plantation is well known for its many ghosts. It is believed to be haunted by at least twelve spectres, including Chloe, a young slave owned by Clark and Sara Woodruff, who owned the plantation at the time of her death. Instead of working, Chloe was eavesdropping and was caught by Sara. Consequently, Sara had Chloe’s ear chopped off and, reputedly, Chloe was forced to have sex with Clark. Chloe had had enough of this treatment, so she baked poison into a cake that she then fed to the family, killing Sara and her two daughters. The other slaves were ordered by clark to hang Chloe on the plantation and they then threw her body into the Mississippi River. There have since been many reports of ghostly sightings over the years by staff and visitor, of a ghost wearing a green turban.

paranormal stories 7
7) The Indian Haunting.

In a small town on the border of Kansas/Arkansas, lived a family who experienced unnerving paranormal activity. An apparition of a woman was seen wandering through the halls, doors would unexplainably open and shut at random, and holes would mysteriously appear in their clothing. A cleansing was performed by an Indian medicine man. As the medicine man was leaving, a family member turned away from him for a moment, when they looked back they saw an owl in the medicine man’s place. The owl flew away and the family never experienced any form of activity again.



5 thoughts on “Paranormal Stories

  1. This is a true event taken place over 50 years ago inside the Waverly Hills sanatorium. This is the child they called….. Richard Rollins aka [Shadow Eyes], after 50 years this single story was released back in 2016 by one of the last living WHGC nurse Harold Wood on his death bed.

    Now that the paranormal world found out the child is indeed still living, the search is on to find him and secure him for interviews. I my self just interviewed a man named Guy who lived in the St Albans Sanatorium for boys the night Richard was locked inside for 22 hours in 1967. He also gave me several pictures of the nightmarish events taken place in the St Albans sanatorium that night, pictures that NO has ever seen yet. My next step is to find the right place to post that article. Ghost Stories Pod cast wants the article’s but he charges people triple on any article’s on Shadow Eyes.

    This story below is posted on line for now for FREE to watch. Most all other sites are charging money to watch it.


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