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The Krause Ghoul Legend

the princess krause

The legend of the Krause ghoul originates in Cambodia. The story tells of the head of a beautiful woman floating in mid air, with no torso, just her intestines hanging from below her chin……nice! The story has become popular in her native country, and features in many horror movies and TV shows.

Thai and Cambodian folklore tells the story of a young princess who was approached by a neighboring king who asked the princess to marry his son, the prince. She turned down the proposal even though it meant a political war would cease between the feuding kingdoms. This frightened the princess’s parents and wondered what would become of their daughter and, indeed, the family.

the princess krause 1

Consequently, war commenced between the two kingdoms, and the denied king took over the land and held the girl hostage. They decided to burn the princess to the stake in the town’s public square. The family could do nothing to save her, and decided to call upon the royal wizard to help. The wizard told the parents he could cast a spell to protect her from the flames. But he was too late. By the time the wizard got there, she was already tied to a large wooden stake and engulfed in flames. The wizard still cast the spell, but it only protected her head. The rest of the body was completely engulfed and burned to ashes, and by the time the flames went out, the only thing left intact was her head.

Since that time, people have reported seeing a head staring at them through the window, with guts hanging from it. It is said she was left to roam the earth with an uncontrollable thirst for blood and preys on the living because her life was so cruelly taken from her.


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