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The voodoo queen

  Jazz, Cajun food, and Mardi Gras play a big part in New Orleans, but New Orleans would not be complete without the mention of Marie Laveau, the unchallenged “Queen of Voodoo”. You may think Voodoo is a thing from the past, but this religion is still very much alive today as it was in… Continue reading The voodoo queen

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Paranormal Stories

Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, ghostly stories can still be chilling. I have put together a compilation of stories sure enough to send a chill up your spine. Over the span of two years, a teenager from Australia experienced poltergeist activity whilst living with her father. Her mother had a strong psychic… Continue reading Paranormal Stories

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La Sayona

In a small town in the plains of Venezuela, lived a beautiful young woman named Melissa. Her husband was a handsome, caring and loving man, and they had a beautiful baby boy together. One day, Melissa was swimming naked in a near-by river, when a man from the village saw her. The man began stalking… Continue reading La Sayona

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The Ghosts of the Green Ladies

  There are many ghost stories regarding the Green Lady in the Scottish Highlands, most of which are comforting. The main one that stands out for me is the Glaistig. She is a solitary supernatural being with her lower half of her body being that of a goat, and the upper portion of her body… Continue reading The Ghosts of the Green Ladies

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Screaming Jenny

Harper’s Ferry is a small town in West Virginia. It is rich in stories of the supernatural, one of which includes the dramatic legend of Screaming Jenny. It is believed her spirit appears to engineers and passengers at the local train station. The railroad reached Harper’s Ferry in 1833, linking the town with the east,… Continue reading Screaming Jenny

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Lady Mary Howard

My ladye hath a sable coach, And horses two and four; My ladye hath a black blood hound, That runneth on before. My ladye’s coach hath nodding plumes, The driver hath no head; My ladye is ashen white, As one that long is dead.  “Now pray step in!” my ladye saith, “Now pray step in… Continue reading Lady Mary Howard

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The Headless Nun

Old ghost stories of nuns were one of the main centre points in the 19th century. You will find records of ghostly nuns told by the locals of any small village that was around at the turn of the 20th century. And it’s little surprise, given the important role nuns play in so many communities.… Continue reading The Headless Nun